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At Miles Mediation we do things a little differently. Over the years we have noticed that many of our clients are looking for more than a simple roadmap to resolution or mediated agreement. They are looking to make a real transformative change in the way they manage key relationships.

When we are embedded in conflict it is difficult to see the potential to transform a relationship. We are often operating in survival mode and from this restricted vantage point, it is impossible to contemplate a bigger picture.

Mediation as a process is designed to allow the parties to work together to find their own uniquely creative solutions. This is often an uphill struggle when parties are not fully present in the room. It is usual for parties to arrive into a mediation space fuelled with emotion or in a state of high anxiety. That state of mind is not conducive to collaborative problem solving.

In order to assist parties to focus and engage more fully and effectively in the mediation process, Miles Mediation have incorporated mindfulness techniques into our sessions to encourage clarity of mind and purpose. We believe that we have developed a method of dispute resolution that allows the parties to reach agreement quickly and with less acrimony.

"Mary was my chosen 'expert' in mediation for my book 'Untying the Knot' - which covered how to have an amicable separation. From the initial conversations right through to the finished piece Mary was kind, approachable and professional.

She has a wonderfully calming presence, and clearly knows how to deal with all aspects of a couple's mediation. I would recommend Mary to anyone who needs a helping hand through a difficult separation."

Kate Gunn - Author 'Untying the Knot' 

Mindfulness and mediation are a powerful combination. Miles Mediation is currently the only Irish practice offering mindful mediation to clients. Using the PEACE method of practice, we will guide you gently and effectively through your conflict towards peaceful accord.

Practice Areas

Miles Mediation offer mindful mediation services within the following practice areas:-

  • Family mediation (separating couples);

  • Family mediation (inter-family conflict);

  • Workplace mediation (employee/employer conflict);

  • Commercial mediation (business /partnership disputes, disputes with financial institutions, regulatory disputes);

  • Elder mediation;

  • Community-based mediation (neighbourhood, school, community/youth group disputes).

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