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Mediation is an informal, voluntary process of conflict resolution. It allows the parties in dispute the opportunity to discuss and resolve their issues in a confidential and safe environment.

Why mediation is better than court

Mediation is the least costly and the most efficient of all forms of conflict resolution. It is proven to be more effective than arbitration or litigation. It is less confrontational and more collaborative than litigation.

Mediation reduces the stress and conflict for the parties involved in a dispute. It prevents the polarization of each of the parties’ positions and the entrenchment of their views, which can often lead to an increase in bitterness and antagonism.

In mediation, individuals are given responsibility for negotiating their own agreement, without the imposition of a third party such as a judge or arbitrator. This allows for much more creative and flexible solutions.

Mediation can be entered into without the parties jeopardising their other dispute resolution options and individuals are free to withdraw from mediation at any stage of the process.

In addition to mediation, we also offer complementary one on one services to clients in conflict situations. We provide tailored pre-mediation sessions for those who are about to embark on their mediation journey or those who are interested in learning more about the process. Alongside and in addition to our mediation services, Miles Mediation also provide a one-on-one conflict coaching programme to individuals and organisations looking to manage day-to-day conflict situations in a constructive way.

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At Miles Mediation we provide specialist training in both mediation and conflict management. We are the only provider of mindful mediation training in Ireland. We believe that the key to advancing the development of quality alternative dispute resolution is to continually update our training programmes to suit the needs of our clients.

The areas of dispute resolution and conflict management are rapidly evolving and we are committed to incorporating the latest techniques in our courses. Our training programmes are facilitated by experienced and accredited trainers and mediators. Each course will focus on the advancement of skills and competencies required to effectively manage conflict both on an individual and an organisational level.

We are currently offering online, Zoom-based training courses. 

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